Skiing and snowboarding in Kyrgyzstan

Foreign media articles

  1. Ski Karakol: Kyrgyzstan's Best Winter Resort by Yahoo Sports

    Extract from Yahoo Sports website:

    "If you're looking to enjoy a bit of skiing on your next international vacation
    but don't have a load of money to spend, Kyrgyzstan could be the perfect destination for you."

  2. Powder Perfect by Financial Times

    It goes without saying that snowboarding in Kyrgyzstan is a far cry from the busy slopes of Val d’Isère or Vail. With two major mountain ranges and several peaks above 7,000m, this small central Asian country has plenty to attract wintersports enthusiasts, and its combination of alpine lakes, pine forests and powder fields have earned it the nickname “the central Asian Switzerland”.
    Skiing is not quite a boom industry yet, but as Koupal said: “The potential is all here. The terrain, the snow, the culture, it’s all incredible.” 
    After spending a week here, it was hard to disagree. Kyrgyzstan’s “celestial mountains” may not be the most straightforward winter-sports destination but, for adventurous skiers prepared to make the trip, they offer a little slice of heaven.
3 main options to ski or snowboard in Kyrgyzstan

1) Near Bishkek.

Multiple ski resorts near Bishkek (capital) where you can go even for one-day trips if you are staying in Bishkek.

2) Near Karakol.

Largest and most likely best ski resort in Kyrgyzstan called Karakol (near Karakol city), 5-6 hours drive from Bishkek.
You can now also fly to Karakol directly from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
There are also some new ski resorts being built and opened near Karakol.

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This is the official resort map (from

3) Multiple adventurous/extreme options like heliskiing.

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Videos of ski resorts

Karakol ski resort, Kyrgyzstan
This is a report by a local TV company in Russian language,
but you can see what the resort looks like.

Videos of adventurous options

Adidas Outdoor: Ski Touring Kyrgyzstan

The North Face: Jalpak Tash - A Kyrgyzstan Epic
Here is a website by Ryan Koupal who was featured in this video:

"The Kyrgyzstan Plan" Teaser
"A sampling of the twelve+ hours shot during our Dec 2008 - Jan 2009 expedition to Central Asia.
We plan to continue filming in Kyrgyzstan through the 2010 winter season.
Feature release scheduled for August/September 2010."

Heliboarding in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan